I created this template which was inspired by technicallyflamey and her OC template she uses. Appearance: Eye color: also mention if this is unusual in the family or society. Hand type: big hands, tiny hands, delicate hands, long fingers, short fingers, calloused hands, etc. Likes: Anything they like to do, eat or see. Habits: this could be sleeping habits, eating habits, nervous ticks, biting fingernails, etc. OC Template I created this template which was inspired by technicallyflamey and her OC template she uses.

Eye shape: Do they wear contacts or glasses? Body shape: pear, hourglass, rectangle, etc. Complexion: Cup size: Blood Type: Handedness: Hand type: big hands, tiny hands, delicate hands, long fingers, short fingers, calloused hands, etc.

Nails: long, short, dirty, clean, etc. Movement: How do they walk: fast, with a limp, slow, hop in their step, swinging arms etc. Worst traits: that others can see, they believe, etc. Family History: example, a certain mental illness or physical disease runs in the family History, Background, and Future: Present: Did they like their upbringing: How has their upbringing shape them: What did they enjoy most about their childhood?

Long-term goals for Future: get married, have kids, be successful, be a pro-hero, etc. Home: Home Life as a Kid: abusive, supportive, neglecting, etc.Biography templates? Make sure you summarize what kind of person they are and how they would react to people etc etc. Here you can talk about what happened to them as a child to make them who they are, or what they were like. This is usually the longest because it covers a lot about who the character really is. Talk about the characters goals and what they might want to do in life.

Make sure it pertains to your RP! Feel free to use!! Keep reading. Threw this together with a cousin. Can you describe it? Some kind of weird alien?

short oc template amino

If no, can you describe the character? If no, can you describe their voice? If they have wings, does that mean that they can fly? High school? Grammar school? Never went at all? Insert a short description of your character and what they do.

If you would like the admins to give you connections be specific about which type you would like. Adjust the number of dots as you see fit. As always, please link the post in which you found the bio, so that others may find and use it.

Let me know if you want more. Adding this to my bio code thread now! Closer look under the read more! What do you think?

The template is underneath the cut. Let me know if you would like more. I say just a paragraph is going to be alright for this kind of group.

You know.Because I am compulsive like that, I decided to make a character template sheet with as much details as I can fit in it as humanly possible. Can also work with most rpg forums or what have you. Culled from several different sources, and I definitely would need a shoutout to the Thoughtful Dreamer for the main inspiration.

Once I pick my brain off the floor, I might be doing some Settings templates as well! You are not required to use every section of the template, only parts that you feel are necessary! Has a clear set of standards and beliefs. They are hardworking, responsible, and self-confident. They rely on experiences rather than speculation, and make decisions based on these.

Very good at enforcing laws and rules. Loyal and hard-working. Like to be in charge. Very organized, tends to be a stickler for the rules. Respects authority and values traditions. Responsible especially in their field of expertise, devoted and punctual.

Very thorough, and tends to put duty before pleasure. They are very thorough, honest, and seek to accomplish anything they put their minds to. Follows the rules and does not tend to be adventurous. Likes conformity. Can sometimes have a surprising offbeat sense of humor. Quiet and conscientious. Modest and tends to be a spectator. They do what is expected of them without attracting attention to themselves. Sensitive to the feelings of others, and has a very good memory, especially when it comes to observing other people.

Can be easily hurt. Very painstaking when it comes to detail. Enthusiastic people of action who like to explore and use their senses to explore the world. Likes sports and are risk-takers. They live in the preferably fast-paced here and now, and thrive on problems and crises. Often fearless and dominates conversations.

Unafraid of criticism. Blunt and very straightforward. Does not necessarily follow the law if it gets in the way of what they want.

They like exciting things and new adventures. Often likes to play the host, and understand how to motivate people to get a job done. They are efficient workers and make good problem solvers, and they generally get along with most people.

Great mechanical and technical skills, they are often the troubleshooters. They are adventurous and like living for the moment. Sometimes unemotional, have simple desires, and prefer intellectual pursuits.

Do not often like to follow rules, preferring to do things their way. Quiet and reserved.Make sure to tag me! So I decided to make this sort of template, which can maybe help put at least some facts together? That backfired when she learned to harness the power and use it for good. I wanted to ask about some advice, maybe a review, for my one piece OC, but it's only if you have time :P I'm not exactly sure how to upload a profile, or what you'd prefer in the profile that allows you to analyse it properly, though.

Anywho, thank you for your time! Hey there! Keep reading. Hair Color: Medium brown with a couple of white hairs at the front, sometimes dyed a dark purple though rarely. Often appears as a faded purple with brown roots. Description: Stubborn, blunt, sassy, witty, and caring to a fault. Gamer, crafty, a bit of a homebody. Would prefer to spend a day off writing or playing a video game.

Will fight anyone if her life is legitimately threatened regardless of how much stronger they might be than her. JavaScript is required to view this site. Log in Sign up. Most recent Most popular Most recent. Filter by post type All posts. Grid View List View. You may use this but keep in mind NOT to remove the watermark in the corner.

Art by Me Do not Repost I posted a design guide for this! DCA diamond crown academy character profiles phnxart templates.

Character Bio Template – How to Create A Character Bio

Show more notes. Now, a basic profile template would look something like this: Keep reading. Weaknesses: Human, chronically depressed, spoons are sometimes in short supply.Creating a new character for your story is magic. You breathe life into a new and exciting character.

Apart from that, it is also highly important for writing a coherent and logical story. Hence, you should know your characters at least as good as your mother. Pretty hard eh? No worries, we created a character bio template that includes 73 important questions and attributes you need to answer and define before starting to write your story.

The character bio template will help you to make sure that your characters seem real and authentic. You should fill the character bio template for all your characters. It should really help you to organize your thoughts, to avoid forgetting any important traits or features of a character and to get the full picture of the existing relationships between your characters.

Of course, you can decide about the level of bio detail for each of your characters. But, often, it makes sense to detail them out as much as possible.

How to make a fancy post on amino! 2018 (Tutorial #3)

This will not only give you a better understanding of the potential role of the character in your story but will also help you to describe situations the character is involved in.

So, creating a character biography is quite important and will help you to build your story. Of course, you want to start writing.

But take this break and start by defining the attributes, features, and characteristics of your characters first. Trust me, it will help you to write a better story. The good thing: You can use it for free. If you want to use it, just create a copy of the spreadsheet. Mother tongue Birthday: Does he or she own a home?

What does the character like? What does the character dislike? How would you describe the childhood of the character?

How would you describe the teenage years of the character? How would you describe the adulthood of the character? How is the character introduced? Sisters or brothers Wife or husband: Children Grandparents Grandchildren Other important persons: Relationships with other characters of the story: [Character 1] [Character 2] [Character 3] [Character 4] [Character 5].

Does the character have any disabilities? Does the character prefer any proverbs? Does the character smoke? Is the character healthy or does he have any diseases?

Education: Intelligent or not? What are emotional strengths of the character? What are emotional weaknesses of the character? Is the character an introvert or an extrovert? How does the character cope with fury and rage? What things motivate the character?

What situations scares the character?

short oc template amino

What makes this character happy? Is the character often biased? Does the character prefer to give or to take?Do they have a job? What is it? Do they like or hate their job? Have they ever been fired from a previous job? Do they wear glasses or contacts? What do they look like? Do they have coloured contacts? Say you wanted your OC to be very weak. Just delete four of the five stars and you're left with one. Delete this message if you like! Write a short paragraph about what happened in this time period.

What happened when they were born? Did they learn to speak, count, walk? Did they go to school? Were they a good student? How was their school work?

Did they lose a family member?

OC Template

Did they move schools? Did they learn an important life lesson? Did they go downhill? Did they get their dream career? Did they marry? Are they still married? Do they have children? Have they got grandchildren? Have they acquired an illness? Put a link to or insert a YouTube video here. Make sure the song is based on either their personality, what they've been through or anything else to do with your OC.

Don't just make it your favorite song! If you do not save, you will delete the following credits. Would you like to save and quit?

May I have a copy and paste version please? This template is amazing! Credits will be given as always. This website saves cookies to your browser in order to improve your online experience and show you personalized content.

short oc template amino

Read our Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy to get more information and learn how to set up your preferences. I spent forever on this, and I don't want people claiming it as their own.

This is all my template.Hey so I found some bio templates online and have them some touch-ups so they'd make more sense when being used.

I use these templates quite frequently for my own OCs and I love them so much and I hope you will too! So please take any template you want and I would love to hear any feedback on how they worked out for you or if you have any templates you'd like me to put up on here I'll credit you of course, link and all. Or if you'd like me to find a template for you let me know! Description: Again, be descriptive! Chest: What is your character wearing?

This includes things like shirts, tabards, and armor plating. Off Hand: Does your character carry a secondary weapon or shield?

This doesn't apply if your character is carrying a two-handed weapon. List the Sword skills and extra skills that your character knows here, and a brief explanation of how well they can do the skill.

Off Hand: Does your character carry a secondary weapon? This doesn't apply if your character is carrying a two-handed weapon or completely magic based. List the Extra skills that your character knows here, and a brief explanation of how well they can do the skill. Squadron: Is your character a part of a Squadron? If so list the name and type of Squadron it is. I unfortunately don't know what the maximum amount is, so I'll go with what one of you did; which is Base stats; range.

List the skills and extra skills that your character knows here, and a brief explanation of how well they can do the skill. Body Type: are they tall? Maybe a bit chubby or even honestly overweight?

Go into depth with your character. Power s : Electrokinesis, PyrokinesisCryokinesis, etc. What did they like to do? Where do they like to go? What choices did they make? How did they influence other characters? What do they wear? What are they carrying? Who are they with? Do they have shelter or are they on the move? What weapons are they carrying? Remember that the situation and environment will affect things like people and clothing.